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Personnel Marketing

Entrepreneurial success does not come by itself: It is generated by "people with a personality". These people are distinguished of others in addition of their specialized and methodical knowledge through their exceptional personality.

You are looking for qualified employees who

  • Get objectives off the ground by engagement and expertise
  • Stimulate joint efforts and the work
  • Enrich the team by their charismatic personality

Together with You we develop the strategies and concepts you need to attract the people who will promote your company.

Our services

  • Research, identification, approach and selection of the best qualified candidates
  • Advertisement and media supported research for evaluation and selection of suitable applicants
  • Management of application is part or full service

Your advantage

You only pay for proven services as

  • Qualified and specific personnel marketing
  • Continuous and systematic observation of the "supplier markets"
  • Identification and enlistment of best qualified candidates