Outplacement & Karriereberatung - Perspektiven öffnen, Möglichkeiten aufzeigen, Chancen nutzen

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Professional Reorientation - "Outplacement"

In times of changing processes all over many will be faced sooner or later with the immense challenge of professional change and professional reorientation. This in a increasing way is more and more also affecting skilled, qualified skilled and executive personnel.

The first important step into a new professional future is "To leave to get there". That means a forward, pro active and performance oriented look out for a new, appropriate function and job - either inside or outside of the old company.

For personnel who want or have to find a new professional function outside Outplacement Consulting - as a special career coaching - offers the fastest as well as the best possibility for a professional transfer and a long-lasting perspective.

Companies recognizing the drawings on the wall are offering their leaving employees professional support. We are distinguished specialists in this field and competent contact persons as well for the company as for the involved employee.

We also with the greatest pleasure will serve lawyers, lobbyists and last but not least family members if wished and needed.