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HR-Policy: Strategy for Personnel and Human Resource Management

The challenges of globalization are requiring innovative and forward-looking strategies by all companies. In the future Human Capital will be the deciding factor for the success of a company.

Based on Your business strategy our support is for

  • The development of Your strategy for personnel and for Your management model
  • Carrying-out of management-audits and management appraisals
  • The implementation of management tools

Regarding choice and utilization of management tools we orientate on the strategy for personnel of our clients. We guarantee a harmonization with the respective department. With our holistic and integrative approach the consideration of all relevant aspects is secured.

Our core competencies

Our core competencies are in the following areas:

  • Discussion with employees and agreement on targets
  • Application of 360 feedback method
  • Analysis of atmosphere at work and management style

By systematic preparation and support of the executives in charge we achieve a high professional level in the process of transfer as well in achieving the required acceptance with all parties involved.