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Change Strategy: Management in Change Process and Redundancy Policy

These days increasing dynamic and globalized markets and stiffer competition require higher flexibility and adaptability than ever before. For companies restructuring and redeployment nowadays are unavoidable to secure success.

Change processes are linked to personnel consequences and therefore often combined with the shedding of employees. This often leads to resistance, distrust and anxiety on the part of the employees.

To structure change processes in a way to get the desired results still is a challenge to all involved.

Since we are a company specialized in change process and transfer process we are able to support companies and employees in mastering the difficulties that come with change.

Our comprehensive service includes moderation of processes of integration, accompanying complete measures of adjustment and optimization and if needed outplacement. In outplacement we advise companies regarding the complete redundancy management as well the employees in regard of the transition and new placement process.

Depending on the target group, budget and requirements we offer our services for group outplacement or with a distinguished tailoring for individual outplacement.